Watching porn can prove to be beneficial for health and relationship

Watching porn can prove to be beneficial for health and relationship

There are several misconceptions about the impact of watching porn on individuals. Violent and child pornography should be banned and strictly dealt with, but professionally made porn videos also offer some benefits. Reports suggest that around 70 percent of porn websites’ visitors are men, while remaining 30 per cent of them are women, and gays, lesbians.

Porn cannot be fire, but it can act as fuel to ignite the fire

Women often start worrying when they find that their husband is watching porn. They start feeling that he is no more interested in them. This might prove wrong! Men watch porn to entertain them, and to add fire in their sex life. But they come back to their woman for sex. So, if you really want some excitement, join your partner to watch porn!

Sexual Relationship

Study conducted by Britain’s erotic goods retailer Ann Summers indicated that women who watched porn with their husband while on bed were sexually more satisfied compared to those who did not. Women who participated in this study also indicated that they feel more confident while performing sex after watching porn.  So, it is clear that porn is not fire, but it can act as fuel and ignite the fire of sex between you and your partner.

Canada based McGill University’s researchers had conducted study to understand factors related to sexual arousal. They found that men and women who watch porn clips took just around 30 seconds to show sexual arousal. Women reached maximum arousal in 12 minutes, while men took 11 minutes.  This means, porn can force you to forget individual differences with your partner. It can make you forget the world, and provoke you to start the act to satisfy each other.

Do it together

Openness is one of the basic requirements for long lasting relationship. Unfortunately, women are not expected to be open about their porn watching habits. Society does not expect women to openly approach their husband and ask them to perform certain act to sexually satisfy them.

Man can easily approach his wife and ask her to masturbate his penis to add excitement in the scene. But woman rarely open their mind in-front of their partner. So, it is advisable to be as open as possible in-front of your woman. Talk to her about the kind of porn that excites her; ask her if she would appreciate using dildo or vibrator to add twice the excitement while having sex with you.

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