Think like a child to face problems

Think like a child to face problems

God has created men and women. Every species of human being is carried to the next generation of existence through sex. Sexual reproduction is very important for the continuous existence of the most prominent species in the earth. People are born into this world as babies and they grow up to form the matured human beings. Some people are not lucky enough to get the gift of god, namely children whereas some plan not to have a child. Children at home change the life of adults at home. Many people who are very stubborn and short-tempered tend to change their nature of talking and behavior when they spend time with a kid or a child at home. Children make the home more lively and happy. The way they talk and play around makes their parents think about their own childhood.  It is important for the people to understand the importance of having children at home. It is much better to be a child than having a child.

Think like a child to face problems

Benefits of being a child

A child is the gift of god and knows nothing negative. A child always speaks the truth and play around without hurting others. They are happy in their own way and do not have to think about anything. They do not have any budgetary crisis or pressure at work, family problems or relationship problems. These qualities differentiate a child from an adult. All they need is time to play, eat and sleep. A child’s life is said to be amusing to him or her. They react happily to all the new things that they see. They feel happy to meet new people. Some children who are confined to be at home all the time might not like meeting new people, but they must be introduced to people, as this will help him or her in the future to be courageous in facing the public in voicing out opinions. A child who is exposed to society and social gatherings is said to face people in the future without any fear or nervousness than a child who is not.

Children versus Adults

Many people think that being a child is better than being a mature adult. This is because, when one grows up, he or she has a lot of problems to face physically and mentally, to face society, to make new friends unwillingly, responsibility and to survive in the competitive world. All this can never be a mile stone to cross when the child was brought up in such a way to develop social development right from birth.

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