“CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN” first look at new book: reveals the inspiration of red bottom shoes

christian louboutin shoes

“CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN” is a book just like the works of art, five folding cover, pink artificial leather envelope, exquisite three-dimensional inner pages and fold-over page, every detail also imaginative. The book is divided into five chapters, namely “A Life”, “The Shoes”, “Fetish”, “The Places” and “Twenty Years”, elaborate Christian Louboutin full of artistic and dramatic effects of the wonderful design, including familiar sexy High heels, to hyperbolic and fascinated design.

In addition to the private photos that designers have never made public, the book also compiled photos taken by David Lynch and Philippe Garcia, and in-depth interviews about Eric Reinhardt explore Christian Louboutin inspiration.

Christian Louboutin lead the fashion world with charming design for twenty years, in the fashionable country branded a unique mark, celebrity favorite.

Brilliant red soles is a symbol of Christian Louboutin brand, but also favorite thing that elegant fashion ladies love. They can be seen in the red carpet on the convergence of Hollywood stars, or luxury hotels. Unique design, always reveal the eternal touching French gorgeous, at the same time with Couture Charm, and with energetic vibrancy of the 80’s.

Christian Louboutin design let every step of the ladies has become the focus of everyone, also highlights the seductive curve of the dorsal foot. The design is not intended to become a collection of fashion people, but hope to with unexpected creativity and precise structure, to reform the traditional footwear design, to encourage women to dare to change. From the Charles Jourdan workshop of Romans-sur-Isère, to David Lynch’s “Fetish” exhibition, the book records the Christian Louboutin business bit by bit. The leading designer, to enjoy every minute of the life, the inspiration for irrigation in full bloom, through the growing brand to show creativity, in today ‘s luxury fashion industry is unique. The brand is still operating independently, it is rare in the era of the monopoly of the luxury fashion industry in this large group.

For the customer, he designed to show two parallel but interactive world, both Cinderella’s innocent fairy tale, and the French wild queen Mary, like flowers in full bloom in the garden, also reminds of the classic dance of Tina Turner. Whether it is gilded heeled, inlaid cheap crystal high-heeled shoes, Lesage’s beautiful embroidery, or “Trash Shoes” made from different materials, hoping to pay tribute to the craftsmen’s exquisite craftsmanship and fanatical worship.

In order to display the works of Christian Louboutin through photos, he specially invited Philippe Garcia to work with favorite models, including his sister Farida, Dita von Teese, Kristin Scott-Thomas and Mika. These intimate friends have been supporting Christian Louboutin for twenty years, witnessed he became a renowned international footwear designer.

“The artist’s most unique and attractive features, which is full of love – love to create, love innovation, love imagination, of course, love the details. These features are everywhere in the outlet design of Christian Louboutin.” – Malkovich

Christian Louboutin:I only want you out of the ordinary

Women’s most beautiful moments, is dressed in white wedding dress into the wedding hall of the moment. Go to all kinds of parties, from the release of a product to the social networking, not difficult to imagine, where the beauty contest how intense. The woman who went there to exhaust all the skills, from clothes to cheap shoes, from makeup to handbag, all wear the best, just to be able to stand out from the women crowd. In fact, men don’t mind women with what kind of handbag, wearing what brand cheap heels, as long as the woman knows how to choose their own dress, look GLAMOROUS, you can get their favor.

There was no doubt, Christian Louboutin is the most know the women fashion outlet manufacturers, not just what it Enchanting Red Bottom Shoes, basically all of the outlet products are designed to create “the most striking woman”. From the details highlight the noble quality, whether it is beautiful red or mysterious black, will be in the first time to seize the eyes of others.

Red Bottom Shoes

Christian Louboutin capture hawaii the passion

Christian Louboutin in the spring of this year launched a new Hawaii Kawai outlet series, capture hawaii the passion. Series sampling of from the 1950s Hawaii warm fantasy breath, travel back in time Elvis Presley songs “Girls, Girls, Girls” and “Blue Hawaii” the good old days, bring the tropical breath of shoes, outlet leather goods and two limited edition nail polish suit.

Designers use Hawaii hibiscus flowers as the theme, in Paris studio to create a colorful tropical theme printed pattern. The black and white color interwoven printed pattern run through the whole outlet series.

christian louboutin Hawaii Kawai

MS “Triloubi” handbags & “Trictrac” men’s handbags hang up brand classic metal rivets, let Hawaii textile printing more prominent. Men’s shoes “Louis Orlato” decorated with colorful nail nest, adding color. Cheap classic “Pigalle Follies” is covered with white and black leather, collocation new debut of the 55 mm heel and classic 100 mm heel, it makes people’s eyes brightened. Designed specifically for women cheap new ladies shoes “Seava” using thin soles, decorate white “Hawaii Kawai” printing, let you enjoy this dynamic kingdom.

“Ha Why Luna” and “Ha Why Beach Club” Decorated 3-D three-dimensional laser cutting leather flowers and plants, plus hand-set of exquisite crystal and Pearl, inject vitality into the printed pattern of Hawaii cheap style.

The heel and the unique blue raw python skin details thick on the bottom, let a person feel like in the tropical rain forest. “Mom” woven rattan flat shoes and “Dad Flat” flat shoes in breathable thin linen printed on the Hawaii Kawai pattern, to become the best partner of summer exploration.

Series also introduced two limited cheap Nail Polish Suit, each includes three best-selling outlet Mini Nail Polish.

Immediately put on the hula skirt and Hawaii Kawai series, pick up Hawaii small guitar, feelings a different kind of tropical style.

Christian Louboutin join forces three designers work together to create a beautiful wedding styling

Christian Louboutin’s exquisite shoes serve as a foil to charming wedding, including the white patent leather and calf leather make the classic shoe styles(So Kate, Pigalle, Follies and Decollete 312), also latest launch of the white wave shaped high heels(Dalida).

Naeem Khan’s wedding dress gorgeous and delicate, elegant and sexy. Each wedding dress is focused on art aesthetics, inspiration comes from the holy land of the resort Saint-Tropez and Sorrento. San Francisco bride dressed in ivory satin tuxedo and matching trousers, in the foil of Red Bottom Shoes, make it become the focus of the show’s most dazzling.

Red Bottom Shoes

Wedding fashion week gave Christian Louboutin inspiration, if you’re wearing Red Bottom Shoes at the wedding. May wish to upload photos to Instagram and add #SomethingRouge or #LouboutinWorld tags, excellent photos have the opportunity to become the theme photos of the brand’s website!

The exotic beauty of ethnic embroidery, Christian Louboutin 2016 holiday heels series.

Christian Louboutin 2016 holiday heels series, continuation of the brand Red Bottom Shoes always elegant charm, embroidery and beading collocation, for this series adds a touch of national amorous feelings.

Christian Louboutin holiday high heels series

The outlet series of high heels, the first in France to carry out the cut of the body of the shoe, and then was sent to the Italy assembly, finally flew to India to carry on the shoe body complex meticulous bead string embroidery process. Wear Christian Louboutin high heels, a woman’s amorous feelings, at a glance.